Friday, June 17, 2011

Christmas 2010

Temple Square lights with the Humphreys crew

Kate can't even look at Santa without crying!

Still little enough to sit on Santa's lap

With the look on Santa's face, Teegan must be on his good list!

Isaac's model shot...

Becca, Porter and Brooks

Christmas this year was interesting...everyone in our little family, except Trent, got the flu. Luckily I had made it my goal to have the shopping done ahead of time. I convinced Marissa, Mikah and my cousin McKenna to come Black Friday shopping with me. They braved the midnight Walmart crowd to throw some elbows to get a basketball hoop for Teegan. We weren't feeling too bad so we thought we'd attempt Target. When we got there at 2am the line already wrapped around the building and it was bitter cold outside. So we took a 2 hr nap and woke up just in time for the doors to open. As we approached the crowd, we came up with a plan to just try and blend into the line and sneak our way in. Marissa was the brave one who took the plunge and we were able to slip right in. There were a few cuss words thrown our way but we did it! It was crazy, but fun! One day the kids will realize what we go through to be Santa's little helpers.

Christmas day soon approached and it was great to visit with Noelle while she was serving the Lord in the Baltics. She sang to us in Russian. It was fun to hear from her. We enjoyed our Christmas breakfast with the Humphreys followed by being spoiled with gifts. We then headed up to the cabin for some after Christmas R&R. Becca and Isaac were there and it was fun to see little Porter all grown up. That's what Christmas is all about...enjoying time with family and making good memories.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

November & December

Here's our attempt at a cute family picture for the annual Christmas card...

Jaysie was in the school choir this year and got really sick the day of her Christmas performance. She was bound and determined to be there because she had a group solo and felt that they couldn't go on without her. As she was getting ready, she was so pale and had to keep sitting down so she wouldn't pass out. We were a little worried about how this was going to go down. She did her part without any problems. But about three quarters of the way through, she all the sudden walks off the stage. She started blacking out and knew well enough to get off the stage before causing a scene luckily. After about 5 minutes, she got back up and finished. What a die hard!!

Kate turned 3! She got the same sickness Jaysie had and had a horrible fever on her birthday. Grandma and Grandpa Humphreys were brave and came up to see her anyway. All she wanted was a Fly Barbie (a Barbie with fairy wings) and a sparkly cos-toon (costume).'s been awhile

I know, I know...I haven't been a great blogger lately. So here's a little glimpse since October.

Teegan turned 6 just before Halloween. His birthday wish was to get a "fast" skateboard. This is him just after rolling out of bed...he got lucky and didn't have to wait for his Dad to get home from work before opening his presents. Trent was working out of town this year and missed the big day.

For Teegan's party, we took a few of his friends to the Classic Fun Center. Trent made a special effort to get home in time for the party. One of the little boys at the party must have had some bowel problems that day. I noticed he had been in the boys bathroom for quite awhile. Just as Trent got there, I sent him in to check on this little boy. A few seconds later, Trent comes out with a horrified look on his face. The poor kid had a poop attack and didn't make it in time. There was poop all down his pants and into his sock! Not knowing what to do, Trent ended up throwing away underwear and socks and was able to salvage the pants with only a hint of smell every time he walked by. It was horrible!! Then I got to explain to his parents why he was coming home without underwear or socks. Embarrassing! They felt really bad about it too. Trent really went above and beyond that day...I still get a good chuckle when I think about it.

Carving pumpkins...with a "naughty" Grandma. Good heck, Krystyn! (I took this picture and didn't even notice her stunt until scanning through them later. When I showed her, she just laughed and laughed!)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Crazy Hair Day

Crazy kids! Yes, that's Jaysie's real hair...

Good Sports



I don't own a minivan...never will...but I admit to being a soccer mom. I think Trent and I get more excited for the games than the kids do. We love watching them work hard, be persistant and achieve their goals. This year Jaysie upped her game and played competitive soccer. She truly enjoys her team, coaches and being on the field running her guts out. She is meek and mild off the field, but intense and driven on the field. Teegan played a strong game of soccer this season too. He wasn't on a competitive team but in his mind he was. Coach Karryn had to give him a special "defender" position at times to give the other kids a chance to touch the ball. He is small and fast with no fear. He was really fun to watch! No matter what they choose in life, I hope they tackle it with the same intensity and drive that they have on the soccer field. favorite month

Grandpa & Grandma had a pumpkin picking party out of their 1st year pumpkin patch.

Just messin' around with the new camera...

I love the month of October! It starts out with General Conference which I love for many reasons. It's church in my pajamas, along with inspiring messages and usually involves being with family. You just can't beat it! Then a few days later my birthday rolls around and I get spoiled again. This year Trent surprised me with a super fancy Canon camera. I am having a good time tinkering around with it...can't wait to figure out how to use all the cool features it offers. Next comes Fall Break for the kids which means spending time enjoying the beautiful fall colors and the crisp air. Shortly after that, Teegan's birthday sneaks in while trying to finalize the Halloween costumes for the year. Teegan always has big party ideas so we try to make them come to life just in time for the last hoorah...Halloween. Wow! What a month!

Monday, August 23, 2010

What women can do...

The mud slingers!

Marshmellow madness!

The fearless campers...looking their finest!

When the opening weekend of the Archery Elk Hunt falls on the same weekend as a family camping trip...what do you do? Well, send the men off in their camoflauge and 50lb. backpacks and never look back!
Being the determined woman that I am, I convinced or maybe drug my mom and very pregnant sister on what became the 1st Annual Women's Campout. My mom towed the boat for the first time and Trent towed the trailer to Hyrum Dam. He helped us unload and then kissed me goodbye. We managed to set up a tent, handle the boat and the trailer on our own. I was pretty proud of our efforts!
We had a great time wakeboarding, playing in the mud and having some good laughs. The jury is still out on whether we want to attempt this again...we have a great appreciation for the men in our lives and the "man's work" that they do. Ask my mom...she broke 3 nails on the trip while doing "man's work".
Overall, we faired out pretty well. I got the trailer home in one piece, the boat was dirty but still afloat and Rachel didn't go into labor. What can women do? Anything they want to!!