Monday, August 23, 2010

What women can do...

The mud slingers!

Marshmellow madness!

The fearless campers...looking their finest!

When the opening weekend of the Archery Elk Hunt falls on the same weekend as a family camping trip...what do you do? Well, send the men off in their camoflauge and 50lb. backpacks and never look back!
Being the determined woman that I am, I convinced or maybe drug my mom and very pregnant sister on what became the 1st Annual Women's Campout. My mom towed the boat for the first time and Trent towed the trailer to Hyrum Dam. He helped us unload and then kissed me goodbye. We managed to set up a tent, handle the boat and the trailer on our own. I was pretty proud of our efforts!
We had a great time wakeboarding, playing in the mud and having some good laughs. The jury is still out on whether we want to attempt this again...we have a great appreciation for the men in our lives and the "man's work" that they do. Ask my mom...she broke 3 nails on the trip while doing "man's work".
Overall, we faired out pretty well. I got the trailer home in one piece, the boat was dirty but still afloat and Rachel didn't go into labor. What can women do? Anything they want to!!


The Campbell Report said...

That's right! Next year we should go to Vegas or man's work, but still just a gals vacation!

Toots said...

Way to go, Karryn! That is a huge accomplishment for you women!! I don't know if I could honestly start a fire were it not for Mike. Ok, so maybe I could, but it would be a dud! He is a major camper. Anyhow, it was GREAT to see you this morning at soccer! Teegan looks so handsome and is getting big. I love your new figure. Wow! What a woman you are. I loved your shorts. Thanks for always being sooo friendly whenever I talk to you.

Ike said...

KareBear- You Meyer Girls sure are adventurous! I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for that trip. I am sure you all had some great laughs. Gosh, you gotta love our family. And that is right...A women can do anything, especially my sisters! Love you! -Ike