Thursday, June 16, 2011

November & December

Here's our attempt at a cute family picture for the annual Christmas card...

Jaysie was in the school choir this year and got really sick the day of her Christmas performance. She was bound and determined to be there because she had a group solo and felt that they couldn't go on without her. As she was getting ready, she was so pale and had to keep sitting down so she wouldn't pass out. We were a little worried about how this was going to go down. She did her part without any problems. But about three quarters of the way through, she all the sudden walks off the stage. She started blacking out and knew well enough to get off the stage before causing a scene luckily. After about 5 minutes, she got back up and finished. What a die hard!!

Kate turned 3! She got the same sickness Jaysie had and had a horrible fever on her birthday. Grandma and Grandpa Humphreys were brave and came up to see her anyway. All she wanted was a Fly Barbie (a Barbie with fairy wings) and a sparkly cos-toon (costume).

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