Sunday, March 7, 2010

The HCG Diet

Another New Year's battle the bulge! This is a tough one for me...Why? Because I'm kind of a non-commital person and I like food. Now I can commit to things like my marriage and my family but committing to a diet is not something I like to do.
My mom and sister did the HCG diet this past fall and wanted me to do it with them. Being the person that I am, I can't jump into things that affect my health without doing heavy research first. So they did it without me and both lost 20 pounds in 30 days! They look great and don't have any residual effects, so I started looking into it more seriously. I went to my doctor and talked to her about it and read all kinds of information before taking the plunge!
In talking with my friend (who also did HCG), she put it this way. Doing this diet is like going to rehab. You go into rehab to change your lifestyle. If you come out of rehab and go right back to how you were living before, then it won't work.
So welcome to my rehab! I have officially checked myself into my own rehab. I am half way through and have lost 14 lbs! Now I know some people do this diet and keep it very hush, hush but I'm saying it loud and proud! My reasoning is to let people know that I am committed to changing my lifestyle forever! I am accountable! I want to be a healthy, happy mom who has the energy to keep up with my kids in everything they do. It's important to me and shows my kids how important their health is too.
No problem!


Amy W said...

GO GIRL!!!! I love this post, it shows your dedication! Let us know how things go, and how you feel and all of that.

The Campbell Report said...

Good Job Kar Kar! Seriously, I think you just get that motivation to be healthy once you loose some weight. Now, just don't get pregnant or do so my kid will have someone to play with.

becca said...

Thank you for posting, I love the pictures, and your skinny new frame.