Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Early Spring Break

Jaysie at Snow Canyon

Zions...Emerald pools hike

Teegan at Zions

The litte Snow Canyon

We decided to break out the RV a little early this year. Where can you go camping in March? St. George!! I have been begging Trent to do some camping down south for a few years now and he finally gave in and took me to St. George. I was so excited, along with the kids, to feel a little warmth and soak up some sun.

We talked Grandma and Grandpa Humphreys and Brian and Julette into coming along with us and had a great time exploring Snow Canyon and Zions National Park. What beautiful places and great exercise!

One thing about staying in St. George in March is that you get to spend time with the snowbirds. There were plenty of them, but they seemed pretty accepting of us younger folk. We did have one run in happened the first night we were there. We grilled some burgers, had a late dinner and were just enjoying our evening. By the time dinner was over, it was dark and the adults were busy cleaning up the mess. The kids were supposively on the other side of the trailer playing together and riding bikes. Well, my little Kate..bless her heart..decided to wander away. I don't know if she was following the kids and couldn't keep up or if she just decided she wanted to go to the pool by herself but she took off down the lane. Some women happened to walk by and saw this little girl alone and asking, "Where's my mommy?" So they picked her up and proceeded to go trailer to trailer asking if anyone was missing a child. They got to our trailers and asked us and we told them that we didn't think we were missing anyone, but decided to do a head count. Just as we realized we were down a child, the woman holding Kate walked up and we were shocked! I was so embarrassed and apologetic but this woman wasn't gonna go easy on me. She just kept saying...Do you realize what could have happened to her? She was way down there all by herself! I can't believe you didn't even realize she was gone! By this point, I just wanted to kick her but was also grateful to her for bringing Kate back. Let's just say I'm not in the running for "Mother of the Year" with that incident.

So after the rough start...we were very careful as to the logistics of all the children at all times. We came home with all of them, so I guess it ended well.

I hope to revisit St. George again next was wonderful!


Amy W said...

Oh we LOVE snow canyon! We went there in January and the kids had the best best time. I think we will have to make it a tradition to go there each year!

Toots said...

I have never been to Snow looks fun! What a great idea to go with nearly the whole fam! I love it. However, the speal about little Kate made me just nod my head. That has happened to me with Isaac. It happens to all of us! Good mothers included!

becca said...

who is that skinny little thing?