Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

Wow! It's already over? This is my reaction every year....the 10 minutes it takes to open all the presents doesn't seem to make up for the countless hours it took to shop, organize and wrap those maticulously thoughtout and stressed over gifts. I tell myself every year that it's time to simplify but somehow or another, it's still complicated.

Jaysie has grown out of dolls and dress up, so it was a karaoke machine for her this year. She loves to sing and secretly dreams of being a pop star, so I thought we could keep the dream alive. I mean who doesn't secretly want to be a rock star...right? We've had a good time belting out the tunes...I've even introduced her to some great "old people" music.
Teegan is at that age where he wants everything he sees on TV or in the ads. It was hard to decide what to get and I don't know how many things I bought and returned because he changed his mind. The one thing that was constant was a "spark scooter". As the days to Christmas drew closer, he kept talking about this spark scooter that Santa was going to bring him. "Santa" hadn't got one for him and was starting to feel bad, so Christmas Eve rolled around and Santa was scrambling to find one....but the magic happened and it was under the tree on Christmas morning. Whew!

Kate could have been happy with one toy. She was worn out from opening birthday presents! Jaysie ended up opening most her wrapped gifts because she was busy playing with her princess vanity and riding her horsey. She had so much fun just playing in la la land.
We enjoyed watching the kids have their magical moment...it doesn't last forever so we'll enjoy it while we can.

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The Campbell Report said...

Sssspark Sssscooter...that's cute to see them all openning up their presents. I know our large family is so small now. I guess 1/2 years from now we'll be back to regular size! Cute family!