Saturday, December 19, 2009

Kater Mater turns TWO!

With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, it is a great change of scenery to celebrate a birthday. No jingle bells and Christmas carols, just spit-filled balloons, birthday wrapping paper, cake and candles.

Kate is one of the deprived kids with a Christmas birthday. I've heard all about it from my sister, Noelle, because she shares the same birthday as Kate. So as a promise to my sister, we make sure that Kate gets her day.

On Sunday we had the Humphreys family over for dinner & dessert to celebrate. Kate is really into Dora the Explorer at the moment, so Dora was the theme of the decor and gifts. She was overwhelmed with gifts and had so much fun with her cousins. Trent is the cake decorator in the family and creatively made a Dora "Backpack" cake. It was awesome!

On Monday, her actual birthday, we celebrated with Aunt Noelle at Grandma Meyer's. This year is a special year because Noelle will be leaving for a mission to Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia in one week. We are going to miss her immensely. She is a fun, smart and very spiritual girl who will maximize her calling to serve the Lord. I am so excited for her!

I can't wait to see what this next year brings for both Kate and Noelle. It will be fun to watch both of them grow, but in very different ways.

Kate, I love your spunk! Your cute, curly hair and hazel eyes melt my heart. I love watching you grow and learn new things. My favorite times are when you know the words to I am a Child of God, Once there was a Snowman, Wheels on the Bus and many more. You love it when Teegan and Jaysie come home from school and look forward to playing with them. If they're not around, Roxy (the dog) patiently takes their place. We all love you and hope your 2nd year of life is full of fun! Love, Mom

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Ike said...

I love reading your blog so please keep up on it. I am sitting here in beautiful San Diego...wishing I was back in Utah. Keep me updated and call whenever you would like to!