Monday, December 14, 2009

The Portneuf River Nightmare!

So I was looking through my pictures and saw these photos....I know this is out of the timeline order but I had to document this story.

It was mid-September and Trent had some training in Lava, ID. We decided to make it a weekend trailer trip and invited the inlaws to come along for a little R&R. We rolled into town after dark and pulled into the campground with plenty of open spots to choose from. Now the Humphreys family isn't known for being able to make a decision without discussing all the options for hours on end, so just to pick a spot was a challenge. After hashing it all out, a spot was chosen and we landed for the night.
We got up the next morning and decided to rent some tubes and float down the Portneuf River. The big pool and waterslides were closed for the season, so there wasn't much else to do. We scoped it all out and determined that it was safe and headed down Main St. to rent the tubes. Dave and Debbie weren't planning on floating with us, but when we got a two for one deal on the rental they succombed to the pressure.
Off we went in our shorts and flip flops (not river running approved attire) to the river for a leisurely ride or so we thought.
Trent, Teegan, Kate and I went first and decided to be adventurous and take a good sized drop off right from the start. Jaysie, Dave and Debbie watched us go and were going to follow our path if all went well. So off we go with no problems...smooth sailing. That wasn't the case for tube #2. Dave, Jaysie and Debbie flip the tube and are now soaking wet in some pretty chilly water.
They're troopers though...they get back on and follow us down calling it a case of a little bad luck. Well that was only the beginning...the next drop off had some stronger currents but those of us in tube #1 went right through it with no problems. Tube #2 heads down the same path but right as they start to descend the tube flips again and all heck breaks loose. Dave is trying to get his feet under him and keep Jaysie safe but ends up pinning Debbie's head under the water with his legs. She finally gets loose and is gasping for air just to realize her prescription sunglasses are nowhere to be found. Trent and I were dumbfounded! We couldn't understand where it all went wrong! We felt horrible and they looked horrible...bumps, bruises and scrapes from head to toe. They got back on though and made it to camp, vowing never to do that again.
Back at camp, the Harley Davidson riders had moved in. There was a charity motorcycle ride and concert that day. So we got to enjoy the peaceful sounds of motors roaring and rock bands blaring all day and all night long. After the concert, they brought their drunken party back to camp and kept everyone up until they passed out.
Needless to say, the next day was spent recovering in the mineral pools. It took Dave nearly 3 months to even walk straight again. I hope they will consider vacationing with us again even after the nightmare in Lava Hot Springs!

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