Wednesday, October 21, 2009

An October fright!

A few weeks ago, when it was warm outside, Trent and I were testing out his new binoculars in our backyard and looking for deer on the mountainside. Trent had some spotted and was handing over the binos to me when all of the sudden he lets out this girlish scream! Ok that's not true, but it makes the story better. Anyway, he points down to the ground and there is a hairy, eight-legged spider walking across our patio like it owns the place. I couldn't believe it....a taranchula in my yard. I swear we have the craziest creatures come down from that mountain to visit. So what do we do....we scooped it up and made it our new pet. There I was the next moringin in Petco buying ten dollars worth of supplies and food for a spider. In a weird way, I was kind of intrigued by this hairy creature.

Well, Larry the Taranchula, got a new home. We sent him to Jaysie's 3rd grade classroom to officially be the classroom pet. I am waiting for the day when word on the street is that there is a taranchula on the loose in the school. I claim no responsibility....

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