Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Birthday Boy!

Teegan wanted to smash his face in his birthday I let him.

A birthday card from his big sis...they really do love each other!

iFly was incredible!!

It's the big day! Teegan is offically five...that's crazy! I tell you what, I think raising a boy is just the funnest thing ever. Teegan is the coolest little boy I know. He does things that are way beyond his league and never looks back. He has been begging to go to the skate park forever and to be quite frank, those skater boys scare me! I didn't want to take my innocent baby to play with the big boys. I finally gave in and took my boy to the skate park. As we were driving there, I gave him a quick speech about never wearing girl pants, never piercing body parts and never swearing. He promised me he would never do anything like that. I've documented this forever, right? So he got out there with the big boys with no hesitation and much to my surprise, the skater boys were great. They called him, dude, and thought it was cool that he was there. I was grateful and really enjoyed watching their cool tricks. It makes me want to sing the Avril Lavigne lyrics..."He was a skater boy, she said see you later boy...."

I hope he enjoyed his birthday....he chose to go do iFly instead of having a party with friends. I know that was a tough choice for him to make but we sure had fun together as a family. I'm glad he still wants to hang with us occasionally and hope that continues. Trent and I will always be Teegan's biggest fans and enjoy watching him grow. We love you, Teeg. Happy Birthday!!


i.meyer said...

I cannot believe that he is already 5 years old! so iFly was really worth it? Glad to see you are keeping up on your posts!

The Campbell Report said...

I can totally see him asking to get cake in his face. What a character. Yes, thanks for finally having something to read

Toots said...

Your writing is hilarious. I am laughing out loud all the time here! You say some darn funny things. I love that you are having so much fun raising a boy! How cool is that to go to IFly for your birthday?! Way to go Teegan!
I have read all of your posts and think it's so cool about Trent too and taking 3rd in that rodeo competition in Kansas. Hey, who says Kansas isn't a great vacation destination anyhow? You guys know different with all that BBQ food!
Can't believe that Tarantula story! Gees! So funny to hear you went to Petco the next day and now it's Jaysie's pet for school. Ha's so great to catch up on you guys! I love it. Hope to see you soon over the holidays.

Amy W said...

I love this post!! HAHA you had me laughing! What a fun way to celebrate a big birthday. The kids really do grow up fast. Hope to see you soon!