Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Teegan's 5th birthday is tomorrow and he finally realized how close it was today. He was quizzing me this morning about his presents and asking for some hints. First hint....Teegan you will get something that you really want. So he started rattling off things like a real rock guitar, a TV for his bedroom, a go-cart....these were all news to me! I started getting a little worried that maybe he wasn't getting something he wanted. Finally after getting nowhere with that one, he asked for another hint.
Second hint...it starts with the letter "S". I thought I was safe because he's not really reading yet. So he guesses a video game, a gun and then says a skateboard ramp! His big present was the skateboard ramp. Luckily his ride to school showed up and I conveniently scooted him out the door.
Later that evening, the whining began...it didn't help that I had his presents already sitting on the fireplace hearth. I thought he had better willpower, but I was wrong. He begged to open just one present. I stood my ground and said..."You know, I had to wait 9 long months for you to come out of my belly to even be able to celebrate your birthday. I don't think waiting one more night is too much to ask."
The anticipation was almost too much for an almost 5 yr. old to handle, but he made it and tomorrow will be worth the wait.....it was worth it for me.
PS...I really wrote this last night, but lost my internet connection before I could publish.

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