Saturday, August 29, 2009

1st day of school 2009

The first day of school is always full of excitement! Jaysie was up early and ready to go in no time. She and the neighborhood kids (about 15 of them) made a plan to walk to school. They have a route they take and make sure to never be late or it screws up the timing of it all. I think it's great, they think it's great and we're all happy!
Teegan got to start his 2nd year of preschool the same day instead of waiting a week. He was super excited to go to his new preschool. He is meeting new friends and enjoying his new teacher. He even has become quite the gentleman...he always carries in Jocelyn's backpack for her. (Jocelyn is a little friend in our carpool)
Now Kate and I get to hang out together and the whole time she asks where Teegan and Jaysie are, so I know how I rate! Both of us can't wait for them to come home each day....they are truly missed.
Like every other year, we'll get over it and wonder where the day went by the time they come home......


Toots said...

Hi Karryn!
How are you??? It's so fun to read your blog and the fun things you guys are up to. Jaysie looks so pretty on her first day of school. I love her butterfly top! And Teegan is so darn handsome sportin' those cool shoes and backpack. That cracks me up about him carrying another girl's backpack. :) You guys must live in quite a kid-filled neighborhood...that's great! All of those flowers are so pretty in the pics...must be your yard. Wow, I say! Well, you still "rate" high in MY book! I bet you and Kate are busy together at home now. Always good to hear from you guys! Keep it comin! Toots

becca said...

I could just eat them, are you sure those toothpicks of legs can make it all the way to school?

Jordan said...

How cute are they??? And soooo grown up!!!! WHat a cute bunch of kids you got:)