Monday, November 2, 2009


This year we had an overweight UPS man, Dash from The Incredibles, and a scaredy cat running around the neighborhood asking for free candy. Jaysie decided to be a UPS man this year because we had the whole attire left over from Trent's stint as a UPS man. There was only one problem...the only way to keep her pants on was to stuff her with a pillow. So now we have a fat UPS guy with a unibrow, mustache and chest hair. No disrespect to all the UPS drivers out there!! Teegan wanted to be Dash and dashing is what he was. He has been running around the house for 3 weeks with that costume on. Thanks to Aunt Rachie for Kate's kitty costume..lovin' the hand-me-downs. She got the title of scaredy cat by the end of the night because she is afraid of everything. She doesn't like the dark, scary masks or pretty much everything Halloween has to offer....except for pumpkins and candy.


Toots said...

Fun Fun, Karryn! I love the costumes! It is hilarious to think Jaysie was a fat UPS guy...oh that cracks me up! And the whole "unibrow" thing too. Kate makes a cute kitty and Teegan is a handsome dasher..I bet he loved wearing that costume. I love your house! Your kitchen look so spacious from what I can see in the pic. How nice.

The Campbell Report said...

Kate looks darling in that costume! Jaysie...hilarious and of course teegan is totally in character...I'm excited for the cabin this weekend!