Wednesday, September 3, 2008

1st day of school

The lazy days of summer are over and now it's back to the grind! Jaysie was excited to start 2nd grade this year. She couldn't wait to wear her "leggings" and the long shirt or short dress....whichever it is. The 80's are back!!

Teegan started preschool this year and had no problem leaving his mother behind. I pulled up to drop him off and he told me that I was to stay in the car and he would walk in by himself. I told him that I wanted to take some pictures in front of his school, but by then he was opening the door and running up the driveway. I finally caught him as he was hanging up his backpack and the only picture I got was ruined by another little preschooler who walked right in front of him. I did get him to give me a goodbye kiss, so I guess he still cares about me. Oh well.....I guess it's better than having to drag him in kicking and screaming.


becca said...

I spoke with teegan a few days ago and he was most excited about his backpack and the ticket inside to redeem a treasure. That kid, i could just eat him alive! Jaysie looks stunning for the first day of school.

colby and april said...

You're kids are super cute! I think it's fantastic that they like school so much!

summersandco said...

Hey, we have the legging and long shirt/dress going on here too. Scary huh!

Kellie said...

I cant believe she is in first grade... YIKES... where did the time go..
are we that old?