Friday, August 15, 2008

Teegan learn how to swim

My little dare devil learned to swim this summer. I signed him up for his first swimming lessons at the local pool but I really wanted him to take some private lessons from my friend's daughter who taught Jaysie. It just so happened that the day he started his lessons, the girl who taught Jaysie called and said that she was home from college for a few weeks and wanted to earn some money by doing a few lessons. So he got double swim lessons.....but it was worth it to see him go from not wanting to put his face in the water to swimming like a fish it 2 weeks.
Teegan was telling Trent at the dinner table about learning how to swim and he was trying to explain that he can put his head all the way under the water. He said excitedly, "Dad, I can drowned." So I told him that he doesn't want to drowned. He looked at me rolling his eyes and said, "Yes, I do mom." So we had to have a discussion about how drowning isn't a good thing but going under the water and then coming back up is ok to do. So hopefully we've got that all straightened out.

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