Sunday, June 20, 2010

South Dakota 2010

I think this was the kids favorite part of the trip...meeting Ed the train conductor. He sat and talked with the kids during our train ride. Every time the train went by our camp, the kids would stop everything to run out and wave at Ed. He would stick his head out the window and yell, "Hi kids!" They would giggle everytime.

We drove through some pretty tight tunnels on the Needles Highway.

Arriving at Mt. Rushmore

Once school was out, it was time for another road trip. This year we ventured off to Keystone, SD to see Mount Rushmore and explore the Black Hills. We made a quick stop to the Utah Lineman's Rodeo in SLC first so Trent could climb in the opening flag ceremomy. Then we headed east with Grandma & Grandpa and Brian & Julette's family for nine days of RVing fun. We made it to Casper the first night, which was a little more than half way, and arrived in Keystone the following afternoon. I'd have to say it wasn't too bad...the kids traveled well. We spent the next 6 days seeing all the sites. We saw Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse (from a helicopter), Deadwood, Wall Drug store, rode the train, climbed funny looking rocks in Custer State Park and hiked at Devil's Tower too. We were busy! We visited the Reptile Gardens, Old MacDonald's farm and panned for gold on top of all that. Time flies when you're having fun! On our trip home, we stopped at Martin's Cove to learn a little about our pioneer heritage. It was a humbling experience. The weather was rainy, windy and cold that day and it gave me a better appreciation for what our ancestors had to endure. We spent the night in Rawlins, WY where the temperature was in the 30's for the middle of June. It was crazy! But we all made it home safe and sound with no mechanical breakdowns and lots of great memories.

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