Monday, May 10, 2010


This weekend I spent a little time thinking about all the mothers around me and what great women each one of them are. I spent a little time with my Grandma over the weekend helping her and Grandpa get their yard in order. My grandparents have alway kept an immaculate yard with beautiful flowers and a garden full of goods for all who stop by. I thought as I was raking leaves, digging weeds and planting petunias...Why don't they make their lives simpler? Just cut down that big Sycamore tree to rid yourself of the hundreds of leaves, cover the huge garden area with grass to cut down the weeds, plant fewer pots of flowers that will just require fertilizing and watering. But then I realized...they do it out of love. Love for their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren who climb and swing from that Sycamore tree. Love of watching the fruits of their labors turn into beautiful vegetables that they can give away to friends and family, when they feel that their age limits them to giving much else. Love of the memories that have been made and shared in their home and the pride they have for the things they've worked so hard to get. I realized that these things are important to them and rightfully so. I enjoyed every minute of that service and will gladly do it again because it is LOVE.
My mom has taught me many lessons about what is truly important in life. When I'm complaining to her about the mom duties that I dislike or the insignificant things that are bothering me that day, she reminds me ever so tactfully about what is really important. I realize then that drips on the toilet seat and sticky spots on the kitchen floor are really not the end of the world (atleast for the day). She shows me that spending time with my children day in and day out will come to an end and I will miss it when it's gone. She teaches me that age doesn't matter and that you can be young and vibrant and do the same things in your 50's as you did in your 30's. I love her for all of these reasons and for so many more.
Though these two women have helped shape my life, many other women have contributed. From my mother-in-law whom I love dearly to women I've worked with over the years and all those in between...Happy Mother's Day!