Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Being NINE is Pretty Fine!

Even Grandma was excited to do gymnastics!

I have a nine year old! WEIRD!! I'm not old enough (mentally) to have a nine year old, it seems. As much as I hate to admit it, Jaysie turned nine years old on February 9th. She really wanted to have a party this year, so we rented Elite Gymnastics and let 29 kids come and bounce off their walls instead of mine. It was worth every penny! We invited all the family and friends that Jaysie could think of and had a great time....until Jaysie came down with an ear ache toward the end of the night. She made it through the rest of the party but once we headed for home, the tears started to flow. She was in horrible pain and by this time it was too late to take her to the doctor. We tried everything to ease the pain but nothing seemed to work. Finally the Motrin kicked in and she was able to go to sleep for a few hours, but by the next morning we were back at it. I took her in as soon as the clinic opened and got the not so surprising news that she had a horrible ear infection. After $100.00 in medicine, she was feeling much better (What a rip! Don't get me started on the pharmaceutical injustice in this country).

She was back to normal by her actual birthday, well enough to ask me to check her out of school to go to lunch. I checked her out and as we were walking out the doors, I asked her where she wanted to go. Without hesitation, she says...Olive Garden! I'm starting to realize that my little Jaysie has expensive taste. I got her to compromise on Fazoli's, instead. Her next request was to have steak for dinner...luckily I had some steaks in the freezer to satisfy her. Then it was cheesecake for dessert! Wow! If this foretells the future, she's gonna be hard to afford! Good luck to whoever she marries!

But seriously, Jaysie is a really sweet girl. She is friendly to everyone she meets and has the most tender heart. She is a great big sister and we love her very much. I enjoyed being able to spend this time with her and celebrate her nineth year. She is a special part of our family and we were happy to do something special for her this year. Happy Birthday Jaysie!


Toots said...

Happy Birthday, Jaysie!!! That picture of Debbie is so funny, Karryn! I loved it! What a fun sounding birthday Jaysie had. Geees, I remember when she was sooo tiny and now she's right there at 9 years old! She is such a cute girl and so friendly whenever we see her. What a deal with her ear infection! You make me laugh with all your antics,Karryn. Pharmecies are very pricey, it's true. That was a ton for ear infection meds though! I loved to hear about your snowshoeing adventure! Yeah for "me" time!

The Campbell Report said...

Jaysie, my only reliable babysitter in the family! I'm so happy she had a great birthday. I can't believe they charged you 100.00 for ear infection meds. I guess they add another 0 to the price when they turn nine. Typical. I'm glad you're having me time. You deserve some time for you!