Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's great to be eight!!

Jaysie turned the ripe old age of eight in February. She wanted pictures taken by her favorite temple. So on a whim...the kids and I drove to Bountiful one Sunday afternoon for pictures. Much to my surprise, we had a great time and always seem to enjoy being on the temple grounds.

The big day!! As I was frantically trying to get food prepared, trying to make the family look somewhat presentable and stressing out on the inside while trying to portray calmness on the outside, Trent looked at me and said...."You know, all this stuff you're doing doesn't really matter. I have the stressful part." I was a little offended at the time, but realized he was right in the end.
Everything turned out great and Jaysie had a wonderful eight birthday and baptism that hopefully she will remember forever.

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