Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Trent to the rescue!

Thought I'd share some stories about my beloved husband, Trent. It seems like lately he has been in the right place at the right time when it comes to helping people in need. A few months back a car went of off the N.O. Divide and luckily our neighbor saw it happen and called 911. The sirens started heading up the divide but they couldn't see the car anywhere. The EMT's finally located the vehicle down in a ravine but didn't know how they were going to get the injured man off the mountain because no vehicles could get to him. Trent got on his new toy (the one that we've plastered pictures of all over this blog) and went down to check out the scene. The EMT's decided to strap the guy to our Ranger and take him up to the ambulance. From then on, we've called it the Rescue Ranger.
So then we go up to Bear Lake and decide to go get the famous "Rasberry Shake" one evening. As we are headed down the road we see flames and sparks up ahead. When we get closer Butch notices that a live power line is down. Trent springs into action again! He works with power lines every day, so this is right up his ally. He called the power co. and gives them all the in depth details and makes sure that everyone is safe until the situation is under control. You could see in his face that he LOVED every minute of it. If he would've had his tools and climbing gear, he would have been up that pole fixing it himself. He cracks me up!! Just glad that he loves what he does for a living....
Then the next day....we are headed to church (in Bear Lake)and running late. We pass an old man who was kneeling by the side of the road with a cane in his hand. We couldn't tell if he needed help or not....we thought he might be fixing a sprinkler or something. Trent finally said, "Let's go back and ask if he's o.k. I'd rather ask and know that he's o.k., then worry about it." We backed up and asked him if he needed help. He had been on a walk and said that his legs just gave out on him and he couldn't get up. So we helped him up and took him back home. Poor guy had to be in his 90's and could hardly see. Trent stopped by and checked up on old Russ Cottle after church and he seemed to be doing fine. We were thankful that Trent decided to back up and help good old Russ.
These few moments have made me realize that it is important to take the blinders off and look at our surroundings and notice those in need. It also made me proud to have such a wonderful husband!


becca said...

I can think of many times he has helped me out of a rut as well...Sure glad he is around!

I love to view this blog each week!

Kellie said...

Trent is for SURE the man! after reading this, it TOTALLY DOES NOT surprise me, that Trent he can fix ANYTHING.. he really is a handy man to have around.. ya better keep him! lets get together.. I ran into Kristen, did you guys ever do dinner?