Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The passing of our dog Sydney

We lost a member of our family last Saturday. Our dear dog, Sydney, was put to rest after suffering from liver cancer for the last 6 months. Trent and I were working in the yard Saturday morning and had noticed that Sydney was starting to fall when she walked and couldn't lay down because her stomach was so distended. The kids were gone to Grandma's house, so we decided it was time to put her down. I said my goodbye's and shed a few tears before Trent took her on her last truck ride down to the vet. He said it was even tough for him...he shed a few tears too.
We thought we'd wait for the kids to notice that she was gone before we had "the talk" with them. They didn't even notice that she was gone until Sunday afternoon after dinner. Jaysie wanted to give her leftover corn on the cob to the dogs. When she went outside to call for the dogs, we figured we'd better say something. We told them the news and they actually didn't seem too sad about it. Teegan didn't care....he was asking if we could get a new dog before the conversation was over. Jaysie seemed o.k. about it until she came back upstairs and had a few minutes to think about it. Trent asked her if she was o.k. and then the tears started to flow. She wanted to know where Sydney was buried....we didn't quite know how to answer that one. She asked if Sydney was buried next to my parent's dog, Jessie, that died a few months back and we thought that sounded good, so we we went with that one. It took about 5 minutes and Jaysie was over it and on to asking for a new dog just like Teegan.
We'll miss her crooked head and obnoxious bark every time we came home.....We had her for almost 10 years but still have our 12 year old deaf, arthritic Oakley to love for now. As much as we grumble over chewed up shoes or poop on the lawn, we still love 'em.


Kellie said...

Karryn.. sorry to hear about your dog, Man she has been around FOREVER... Hey lets get together SOOON

becca said...

I wrote a poem for jessie's passing but I wasn't able to come up with much for sydney....sorry. I am just so happy to know that those two crazy dogs are hanging out together in the afterlife chatting about what wild people they ended up with as owners.