Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Holiday traditions.....

The Christmas season has finally arrived....I love this time of year and the holiday cheer that seems to fill the air. The twinkling of the lights on the tree somehow bring a calm, warm feeling into the home. I love plugging in the lights outside each night as the sun goes down.....it brings memories of Clark Grizwald to mind each time I turn them on. I LOVE it!!

Last Sunday the monthly FHE was held at my Grandma & Grandpa Meyer's home. This was the start of our Christmas gatherings. My Grandparents never cease to amaze me! They are in their 80's and still host gatherings for their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. It's a large crowd, but you wouldn't know it with the way they make you feel. Each person that walks through the door is greeted with a hug and is made to feel like they are the only one in the room. There is always good food, good conversation and a good laugh.

Grandma wanted to have the younger grandkids and great grandkids put on the Christmas story production. She called ahead of time to make sure her cast would be there and had the bathrobes, towels, scraps of fabric and rope ready and waiting. She made sure that every one had a part and they were posted on the front door as you walked in.

Jaysie got to play the part of Mary and Teegan was a shepherd or a "leopard" as he called it. His robe was made out of animal print fabric...therefore he was a leopard. They all did a wonderful job and seemed to enjoy every minute of it. I can only hope that my children will be able to remember the good times they've had with their great grandparents.


Michelle said...

Karen, I love the picture of Grandpa Meyer. Could you send me your pictures from Sunday. I don't want my kids to forget him! You r blog is cute. Thanks Michelle
nobakes@yahoo.com or the meyers memories.blogspot.com

Kellie said...

Sooo fun.. Your grandpa Meyer looks great, man I havent seen them in a long time..
I am grateful for this time of year, it really makes you appreciate family, especially the older generations.

Kurt and Jordan said...

That looked like so much fun! Wish I could of been there!! I love that picture of grandpa if you get time will you email it to me so my mom can have it!!! jordanmceuen@hotmail.com thanks sooo much... Your kids looked so cute